Dengue Patrol Poem

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Today, a total of 8 form 3 students  had recited a poem about dengue in different languages like Malay, English, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. Each language is represented by a male student and a female student. The students are selected according to their language skills. Here are the names of the selected students
  • Malay : Nik Amir Hakim b Soupy and Nur Farah Fakhira bt Zahari
  • English : Muhammad Naqib Aliff b. Azhar and Nur Asyrani bt. Amir Hamzah
  •  Chinese : Muhammad Adam Shahril and Nur Atiyah Husna bt Husney
  • Japanese : Muhammad Aliff Najmi b. Khusaini and Nurul Hidayu bt Anuar
  • Arabic : Muhammad Izuddin b. Zailani and Nur Aishah bt Abdul Majid 
Here also we enclose it with a video of poets


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