Prior to an Vacation

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Hi guys. This time we will share with you about the things that need to be considered when you go out on holiday with your family in a long time. For your information, steps to prevent mosquito breeding should be done to make our homes safe area. Therefore, to maintain the safety and health of all people, we should make such steps :
  1. Close all of our toilet bowls at home
  2. Cover floor traps
  3. Cover bamboo pole horders when not in use
  4. Add sand granular insecticide to places that mosquitoes could potentially breed, such as flower vases and places    where stagnant water could not be removed. 
  5. Clear blockages and add Bti insecticide in roof gutters.
  6. Turn over all water storage containers.
  7. Ask a relative or close friend to check your home regularly for stagnant water if you are going away for a long period    of time. 
  8. Leave your contact with your neighbours or the neighbourhood police post/ centre so that you can be reached    easily. 
  9. Check the roof drain once a week to clean the leaves to prevent the water from flowing.
  10. Keep these fish in large tanks to eradicate mosquito breeding

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