'Dengue Fever Getting Serious'


Now, we're going to show some news that we get through online newspaper in Malaysia. Based on Utusan Malaysia newspaper, we know that dengue fever is getting serious. Imagine, 60,713 cases recorded from January to July 7. Here is the copy of the news that we have translated into English for all readers. We can take lessons based on this new.

KUALA LUMPUR, July 13 - From January to July 7 this year, dengue cases increased to 60.713 compared to 45.484 cases in the same period last year.Deputy Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Hilmi Yahaya said that the state remains the largest contributor of dengue cases in the country to record a doubling of the number of deaths compared to last year.He said the number of deaths in the state due to dengue last year only 30 people, but increasing to 86 to early July."The increase in 15,229 cases across the country can be reduced if people are aware of their responsibility to keep the environment in a pristine condition."In addition, during the festive season, the ministry expects another drop in dengue cases in urban areas as people return to their villages," he said.He said when handing Eid to 113 patients at the Hospital nervous Kuala Lumpur (HKL), which was also attended by the Deputy Managing Director of HKL, Norul Hana Isaac and Chairman of the Board of Visitors HKL, Datuk Syed Mehdar Syed Abdullah.He also advised the public to ensure that all water reservoirs of Aedes breeding grounds serviced before returning to the village to celebrate Eid.In another development, Hilmi said the ministry also plans to provide aid such as beds, air-conditioning, ventilator and others to ensure that all patients get nervous at HKL comfort.He said, however, the proposal must first be discussed at the ministerial level and the government also would appreciate if there is a private agency that would like to contribute a respirator at RM100,000 each.

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