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How to prevent dengue? Well, we can see that many posters are talking about "how to prevent dengue", but many of us doesn't care about it. Why? Maybe we have to read this newspaper article to know why and how to prevent dengue.

Kajang: All state government agencies are requested to provide full cooperation to the Ministry of Health in an effort to curb mosquito breeding, which can cause dengue fever.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam said the agency's lack of cooperation, as much as 60 percent of dengue cases in the country were recorded in Selangor.

Make sure no Aedes
As the agency responsible for the management of solid waste and sanitation, local authorities must ensure that there is no place that allows the breeding of mosquitoes.

All the power in their hands, if they use it for optimum power, many issues can be resolved.
But we were also affected by the level taking over these things and duties (them), he told reporters after visiting the Kajang Hospital yesterday.For example, Dr Subramaniam said the local authorities only represent employees who do not have the power to decide to attend an important meeting at the Ministry of Health.

Can make a decision

We want them to send the President can decide to solve a problem. But they sent an officer can not decide, he said.

From January to February 20 this year, 13,915 cases of dengue fever were reported in the country, including 7,507 cases in the state. Of the 25 deaths due to dengue, nine cases were recorded in Selangor. - BERNAMA

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